Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What digital SLR camera

What digital SLR camera

Many people hear DSLR text but do not know what that is.

acronym stands for: digital SLR

Basically this is a digital camera that uses a mechanical system with mirrors to direct light from the lens optical pentaprism window on the back of the room. camera is used mainly by professional photographers, to allow preview image is still around, especially during exposure and also for their sensors. Sensor is similar to camera film used in the past. This sensor allows the depth of field and picture angle similar to traditional film cameras. Cameras also are similar to many practitioners of traditional film cameras.

Most SLR cameras with HD video mode in 1080. Now used in short films, and also used in several Bollywood films. One of the most popular Digital SLR shot in 24p HD with 1080. What is the procedure used in many mobile phones. Many people find the kind of movie cameras to see.

One of the most popular weapons Canon T2i / 550D me. Other Canon 5D, 7D, 60D, Nikon 5000, and more. Currently, there are many who make the movie look great to start with basic camera costing thousands of dollars less. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between mainstream Hollywood and equipment Canon T2i expensive.

The basic principle of the camera: 4-element lens, reflex mirror shutter, focal plane, sensor size, matte focusing screen, condensing lens, pentaprism, the lens of the eye

Digital SLR technology is also ideal for lens. It is easy to change lenses, look for the lens ideal for shooting situations where, although the specific formal lens. Photographers tend to use lenses made from the same manufacturer, for example, used camera lenses Nikon Nikon and Canon Camera Lens Canon. Of course there are differences. While every camera lens mount, independent producers to sell the lens and lens adapter with a different car and deal with Sigma cameras and TOKINA different. They are known for their cheap lenses that can operate in almost all changes suntingan gamera. endringer


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