Friday, April 13, 2012

Canon vs Nikon DSLR DSLR War

Canon vs Nikon DSLR DSLR War

There is no doubt that Canon and Nikon cameras are both popular brands. brand is well known for reflex cameras (SLR), as are the first to make the transition from film to digital. They are fighting each other for the title of the best manufacturers in the SLR world.

Canon and Nikon are constantly creating new and it is difficult to say which is better. SLR cameras look the same at first glance, but each has advantages and disadvantages. DSLR users can be classified into three types of entry level, middle, and Prosumer. Here are the pros and cons of the Nikon and Canon digital SLR cameras:

A. Chambers of

Entry-level camera designed specifically for beginners and do not have many buttons or features can be hot. The camera entry level models in the Canon Rebel T3 in 1100 and 3100 D Nikon cameras have many examples and pictures produced by the two houses are alike. important differences between the two in the lens. Nikon 3100 is not compatible with original Nikon lenses, when rebels T3 is compatible with Canon lenses and other third parties. So, is it different? If you want the future of special lens, with little opportunity for 3100. Otherwise, Canon Rebel T3 find some third party or to buy Canon lenses are generally cheaper.

Two. Between room

Among digital SLR aimed at amateur photographers who have experience shooting with SLR cameras. Tell compare Canon 600D and Nikon T3i 5100. Important differences between the two houses, again, the lens. 5100 is not a big focus motor for Nikon lenses can not use 11-point autofocus. T3i Canon, however, work with old and new lenses for the Canon will not be high.

Three. Prosumer cameras

Prosumers short for "professional" and is aimed at advanced amateurs. One thing that separates the camera from others in its speed. Most SLR cameras can have three continuous frames per second, but prosumers can take up to 5 frames a second. Now let us compare the Canon 60D and Nikon 7000. If you are a fan of Canon 60D features capture good snapshots. Meanwhile, Nikon came up with "Creative Lighting System" to help take pictures of light down to a minimum bid. This system makes it possible to control the amount of flash light without wires directly from the camera. Code is not technology to achieve that effect, is to invest in equipment revenues ychwanegol.

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