Thursday, April 12, 2012

3000 Nikon digital SLR cameras

3000 Nikon digital SLR cameras

3000 entry level Nikon DSLR share certain characteristics, for example a computer before. Middle of the 10.2MP DX format CCD sensor. Sensor is to provide excellent results and previous models have been developed

screen itself has been updated, increasing 2.5 inches (with example CD60) in the jaw leaving 3-inch screen. Like other digital SLR camera, then you will have to remain on screen 230,000 pixels.

Windows, however, still the same size in 95 percent of comprehensive coverage, 0.8x. view through a window that shows a large increase in 3000: 11-point AF system.

Unlike previous models which came before the 3000 AF motor is not incorporated in the camera lens to allow conduction of age. This means that the lens is focused on built-in motor works only in manual focus. AF-S offers a wide range of Nikkor lenses allow you to use auto focus.

Grab article headlines provided by the user mode function 3000. Allows visitors in choosing a digital SLR photo shots and get the results they want. Nikon digital SLR for beginners is very easy at first, but also of creativity enabling visitors.

While 3000 Nikon digital SLR cameras still no Live View is ideal for DSLR cameras Computer sand or choose to receive guidance on how to start and more capable over time.

3000 primarily aimed at DSLR users who want to get from point and shoot at the highest level of digital SLR photos. This feature allows the arrival of 3000 on his last field of digital SLR photos.

In 3000, design and construction of Nikon digital SLR is almost equal to the Nikon SLR camera offers other, and differs only from 5000 and D90, all the original style. D90 3000 test in measuring 5.0x3.8x2.6 inches, while in 5.2x4.1.3.0 inches. 3000 slightly less weight (1 £ 1 oz) which makes the original professional grade Nikon digital SLR camera is almost the same appearance, size and shape.


Correction of AF (11 points)

Direct way, which makes it easy for beginners at the level of input

Better to light and sensitivity

Excellent image quality

Bright exposure control


example of true buffer

Video support is not

Live-View feature is not cynnwys suntingan


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