Thursday, April 12, 2012

Canon or Nikon digital SLR - the best mark

Canon or Nikon digital SLR - the best mark

Canon and Nikon is the world's largest brand. Now is best known for digital SLR cameras (DSLR), since this is the first brand of camera to make the transition from analog to digital. Not surprisingly, they are increasingly competing with each other for DSLR number one market position.

Because they are constantly introducing new camera is difficult to assess the best products. inazidishwa more pictures and the fact that your SLR digital cameras constantly watching one's perspective first. But for every good and bad. LSR camera users is divided into three categories: elementary, middle and Prosumer.

Canon and Nikon DSLRs have advantages and disadvantages of the following:

A. Level door of the room designed to start, keeps the heat to prevent small users. Canon Rebel T3 AZ 1100 3100 is an example of the entry level Nikon. Both cameras are similar in many ways and all produce higher quality images.

However, significant differences between them are the same lens. Nikon 3100 is fully compatible ago. For example, autofocus will not be compatible with all Nikon AF I do not like the Canon Rebel T3, which is compatible with all Canon. Important? Well, you can target specific in the future, be subject to election in 3100.

Although Canon Rebel T3, you can buy a Canon lens or series of lenses and cheap party of three.

Two. It is between the house of the next step in entry level camera is aimed at people who already have some experience with using digital SLR cameras. In this category is the Canon 600D and Nikon T3i 5100.

comparison between the two original order once again shows that there are significant differences between the glass. 5100 engine does not have focus and auto focus 11 points for working with older Nikon lenses. Instead, Canon T3i limited in this way and work with all Canon.

Three. Prosumer cameras. the word "prosumer" is a contraction of the word "professional" and "user" and not surprisingly, cameras in this category are aimed at advanced amateur photographers. The main difference Prosumer DSLR speed. Digital SLR camera held up to three frames per second, while Prosumer cameras could be up to 5 frames per second. Example Prosumer Canon 60D and Nikon 7000.

Canon 60D is full of features that allow you to take amazing pictures. Nikon 7000 can capture images easily, especially in the light "Creative Lighting System." This system allows the photographer to scale, accuracy and automation control in a matter of light. To achieve this goal by Canon Prosumer DSLR, you need to buy extra equipment.

When it comes to deciding which brand to go when choosing a digital SLR camera is not easy, but I hope this article will help you make little decisions not ws. suntingan


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