Friday, April 13, 2012

3100 Nikon digital SLR cameras - best to get started!

3100 Nikon digital SLR cameras - best to get started!

3100 Nikon digital SLR camera review


- Single Lens Reflex (SLR)

- 14.2 megapixels

- Optical Window

- Agriculture of the sensor

- 3 x optical zoom


- SD standard



- Pop-up flash

- 16 oz.

- ISO 12800

Did he try to shoot over a dog or rocking the baby? 3100 shutter speed Nikon digital SLR cameras can take pictures in order to stand still. You do not have to leave everything they do and take pictures today. Great for people in their natural state. File and make the state the nature of the film better.

Have you ever had a child back home and suddenly one of them is the cutest thing I've seen and thinking "Oh, I wish I had a camera! "Camera is perfect for this type of situation! It has a super fast shutter speed and auto focus for a while that you have to be fast. This camera is easy to show an image of the other cameras miss.

Nikon digital single lens reflex (SLR), also used in a professional way. Better and more acceptance in the field. camera used to film the wedding! It was such images, open the bride and groom excited about the collection. You could be happy days are captured in images that bring joy during that year, he said the album of photos of the wedding.

If you really want to take pictures, the camera is perfect for you. It has a work force for many, thus improving your skills as a photographer, you can produce more specialized video and high definition!

Nikon 3100 digital camera has several features to help capture perfect. It has a graphical user interface supporting structure and environment to create a special photo!

3100 autofocus time. This makes it easy to find extra photos that are crisp and clear, especially when they make a full HD 1080p video.


Easy to use, perfect for beginners.

Manual GUI.

Many of the features you can grow the best in his art.

Very cheap.

General user mode to be creative in the photos.

Full HD video.

first digital SLR camera including auto focus time around.

Set the shutter is very fast.

ISO 3200, you can create a complete picture in less than perfect lighting.

ISO 3200, expandable to 12,800-HI2.

Nikon 3100 camera is ideal for beginners. It has many features not overwhelm new production line art, but has plenty of features to grow with you as experience and increase your spirit.

Basic Terminology

SLR (Single Lens Reflex) - to see the view through the lens of a camera to take pictures.

Window eyes - a device that is in the camera display field is documented on film. Known as predicted by the search procedure.

Sensor products - refer to only part of the image printed on the negative or slide. It can refer to a place in the window.

ISO - speed (sensitivity) emulsion film standards established by the International Standards Organization. These standards, both arithmetic (ASA) and logarithmic values ​​of speed (DIN) as specified within the ISO. For example, the film speed of ISO 100/21 has a speed of ASA or DIN 21100.

CMOS - technology for the development of integrated circuits.

SDHC card type.

SDXC - the memory card mwy. suntingan


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