Thursday, April 12, 2012

What digital SLR camera and how it works

What digital SLR camera and how it works

Are looking to buy a new camera, and as is his choice, the word "digital SLR" is coming. You may have noticed that the camera is likely to be more expensive than a regular camera compact digital, digital SLR cameras, but what, and worth the higher price?


The first thing you need to know if we are to answer the question "What is this digital SLR camera?" This is the word "SLR", literally. SLR is the meaning of the abbreviation for "single lens reflex." SLR cameras use a mirror to project the image that is close to the optical window.

When you take the picture with a digital SLR camera, the light passing through lenses and mirrors to reflect light through a pentaprism focusing screen, which prevents the glass is typical in any way that you can put a window in the right direction. When you press a button press to take photographs, glass and open the lid and digital display light sensor.

Cameras and SLR

What are the advantages of digital cameras compact digital SLR camera? important advantage is that the window displays the images of eyes, as well as make the camera, without the delay normally associated with LCD screens to view. This feature is especially useful for process flow is continuous, sports or animals in nature.

Digital SLR is also faster than compact cameras, as they and shutter speed manually. Compact camera with the lid and take pictures, but electronic sensor triggers every time you take photo. This creates a delay in seconds from pushing the button and when you actually held the camera image. SLR camera shutter time, you can find the right time and meaning.

Reflex camera and light

Another advantage is that SLR photography is excellent in light compact cameras. When taking pictures in small light without flash, the camera shutter remains open automatically and allow the sensor to capture more light. If the shutter is open, but the picture is often blurred as a measure of the subject at all, or whether to hold a camera phone.

SLR camera features ISO to so-called digital sensors are more sensitive to light, so that the lid does not have to stay open for long. on the ISO number, much faster than the sensor is capable of absorbing light. Although ISO also is likely to provide images that are grainy. SLR cameras are good in "noisy" digital filter as a good camera probably will not see until you reach the grainy quality of the environment ISO 800


SLR cameras also allow you change the camera lens depends on what you can take pictures. Landscaping using different lens images or on the flowers or insects, and SLR which allows flexibility to change lenses for different conditions. Large SLR also make heavier and larger than the camera compact digital, but if you get a camera that fits in a pocket, SLR cameras may not be suitable for you.

Then there are digital SLR camera that is something worth hundreds of dollars violence? Well it depends on what you need a camera to take pictures. If you take pictures or actions needed to take pictures of light below, may be worth the extra money to spend. Now answer the question "What digital SLR camera?" Surely, you decide if this type of camera for you or as a regular compact digital camera that meets your needs it. my my my my endringer


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