Thursday, April 12, 2012

All main reason DSLR aperture and focal length

All main reason DSLR aperture and focal length

For a line of digital SLR cameras, camera lenses are often confused. Not to mention the brand and type of lens in digital SLR camera than normal lens body, and a selection example, often hear someone say to my complaint: I do not understand. So how do you understand the basic data for the lens? In fact, we must distinguish between two data. This is the first approach with the opening, and others.

First factor in deciding whether to participate. For example, digital SLR camera lens wide angle lens collection. Using the lens, closing the gap between forecast possible because the focal length is not enough. As another example, using pictures of the TV at home, if not impossible, unless your house is a large villa, a few hundred square meters, in a small space just wide with a broad perspective.

aperture is different. Huamua how the pictures are beautiful. Large aperture generally have higher quality than small aperture, and a large opening, closing or moving rapidly under conditions of light (such as injection vehicles, games, etc..), The best results. For example, if you have a large aperture, you can make original portraits and bokeh is very smooth. If the aperture more or less, you also can take pictures, but pictures are soft and natural.

Remember, the focus lens is fixed focus and a more transparent label. For example, 50mm/F1.8, means that the lamp is 50 mm, maximum aperture of 1.8. However, the lens is indicated by two maximum aperture and focal length. For example, 03.05 03.06, which means the end of the focal length of 18 mm width, and 3.5 maximum aperture telephoto focal length is 55mm, maximum aperture F5.6. results


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